How to verify your Facebook Page

Facebook has recently launched its new feature to verify its popular fan pages. A lot of you people may have seen this thing. So, this question may arise that why it was introduced?

Why this was launched? The reason is – The fake Facebook fan pages. You may have observed that there are several pages named, say, Shahrukh Khan, who is one of the most popular actors of India. In these fan pages, only one fan page is real that is of the original and authentic page of Shahrukh Khan. So, to eliminate these fake fan pages and to reduce the confusion, Facebook has launched a procedure which can be used to put a “Blue verification Badge” to ensure that the people don’t get fooled and don’t follow the wrong a Facebook page which is a fake one. So, you may wonder that how to get your Facebook page verified. so, today I’ve got some steps to get your Facebook page verified and these are the perfect steps to get your Facebook page verified. This method works only if there is no such page with the same name and same details and it is already verified. So, here are some steps to get your Facebook page verified.

The steps to get verified are:

1) First login to your Facebook account. Don’t login to your Facebook page. You must be in your Facebook homepage.

2) Stay logged in to your Facebook account. Copy this link from here that is:-


3) Then you will be redirected to verification page of Facebook. In that form you will have to:-

a) Select your Facebook page.

b) Click the photograph of the ID proof of yours like Voter ID or Aadhar card, etc. which is approved by the government and upload it.

c) You must have your own website and after 25-30 days you will get a verification to verify that the website is yours. You will have to copy a link to your website.

That’s all. If you will follow the steps correctly then you will surely get verified on Facebook. If you want to get verified on YouTube then stay tuned to my website, a new post is coming soon.

If you have a Facebook page a good amount of followers, then you must verify your Facebook page. Facebook verification is necessary, so that new people can understand that your page is the original page and rest of the other pages with your name is fake, so it is necessary. if there will be no verification, then it will create a lot of problems as I told you earlier. Verification helps you in following ways:

  1. It helps to maintain the reputation of your brand.
  2. It helps to improve your ranking on Facebook as well as Google.

I hope you did understand how to get your Facebook page verified. If you have any queries, then feel free to comment down below. If you want more tech explains and tutorials like this, then stay tuned. I will be bringing these types of articles regularly.

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