Top 5 YouTubers of India

Today a lot of YouTubers are growing and even new YouTubers are getting subscribers at a very fast rate.  Considering these things in mind I thought to write a blog on this topic. So, today I’ve got a list of top 5 YouTubers of India. They belong to different categories, obviously, they aren’t of a particular category like tech, comedy, etc. This is based on many criteria. This is not just based on subscribers, views, etc.

1. Bhuvan Bam AKA BB Ki Vines

Bhuvan Bam is professionally a singer as well as a comedian. Comedy is the main reason why BB KI Vines is the most followed channel of India. Actually, the view per video cannot compete the other YouTubers. His videos gets the ranking of #1 on trending on YouTube, just within one day. He got inspired to make videos by watching the weird situation when a man was drowning and the news reporter asked that person that how was he feeling then. He made a video on that and started getting views.

2. Sandeep Maheshwari

Sandeep Maheshwari is the founder and CEO of But, the main reason of getting success of this person is not the imagesbaazar. He is famous for his life changing seminars. Images bazaar is the largest collection and market of images in India. He don’t even take a penny for his seminars. Ads are also not enabled on his YouTube channel. He had failed in his life several times, and he shares his experience, so that other people don’t fail in their life.

3. Nisha Madhulika

Another name for this list is Nisha Madhulika. She owns and runs a cooking channel on YouTube. Earlier, she was running a website where she used to make tutorials on food before she started her YouTube channel in 2007. She started her channel at the age of 52. In the initial stage of the channel, her husband used to do all the stuff like editing, shooting, publishing, etc. Now this number has grown to 5 members to manage her channel and do all the stuff.

4. Technical Guruji AKA Gaurav Chaudhary

Technical Guruji is a channel owned by Gaurav Chaudhary, which is the most followed tech channel of India. When Gaurav started this channel, he just did complete his microelectronics (M.E.) from BITS, Pilani. Later he started his business in Dubai of security services. Even after starting his business he managed to post 1-2 videos every day. In the earlier stage he got around 300-400 views per video. He got 4000 subs in just 1 month which is amazing. Now, after 2 years this channel has 3 million subscribers.

5. Carry Minati AKA Ajey Nagar

“To chaliye shuru karte hain bina Kisi bak***** ke” starting with these lines the next fellow in our list is Ajey Nagar. He runs a channel named CarryMinati. Let’s discuss his story from his initial beginning, when he was in class 6. He started a channel named SteAlThFearZz, which is still active. None of his videos got more than 400 views in that channel. Then, he started a channel named Addicted A1, where he posted gaming videos and done the mimicry of superstars like Sunny Deol, Hritik Roshan and many more. He came to know that gaming videos don’t get more views. So, he started roasting people. Once he roasted Bhuvan Bam. He got over 1,00,000 views on that video, taking the advantage of the situation, he posted 7 videos in the same month. He got over 50,000 subscribers in that month. After that his channel touched the limits of skies. He has now more than 1.8 M subscribers. Now, he is a full time YouTuber.

Now, I would like to conclude this list, if you want to ask for any topic then comment down below. If you want these types of things and tech reviews, then comment down below.


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