Top 5 Video editors to replace your Desktop

Top 5 Video editors to replace your Desktop The world is changing their way to smartphones for the use of simple tasks like photo editing, writing mails, small video editing, writing word documents, etc. although, the smartphones don’t provide that compatibility and power. But, they are great to save your time. Today, I’m here with an article of Top 10 video editing apps to replace your desktop now. These are one of the best video editors available on this smartphone field. There are tons and tons of video editing apps available on Playstore. But these video editors are completely amazing. So, lets begin with the list of Top 5 Video editors to replace your Desktop:-

  • Kinemaster

Kinemaster is one of the most developed video editors in android platform. I don’t know whether it is available on iOS or not, but seriously, this video editor is completely amazing, although, it is paid but you get the real value of your money that you spent. You can do editing of the footage taken from an android phone as well as a DSLR conveniently. It provides you a lag – free experience. When, I started my YouTube career, I earlier used this software to edit my videos. You get the features of chroma keyer, pan and zoom, etc.

  • Powerdirector

Cyberlink Powerdirector is also a good video editor to edit your videos. The only thing that is missing is that you cannot chroma keyer the footage. Except that all the features are amazing you get a powerful timeline and also you can edit the go to and DSLR footage without lag. In comparison to smoothness, it is seriously better than Kinemaster. In terms of editing experience, it is amazing. You get a special set of effects which make your video out of the box.

  • FilmoraGo

This is a basic but one of the best video editing apps available on the android market. It also has a special set of effects and by using that you can edit your casual videos. You can use this app to create montages and do a lot of stuffs. Unlike, the other video editors, it is completely free. The only one thing that I didn’t liked about it is that you get a watermark at the last, but that doesn’t matter get a feature of color correction and adjusting the saturation and contrast. This feature makes this app really different from other as no other apps had this. Although, the other video editors have a lot more features than this but its easy to use interface and some special features makes this software stand at this place.

  • Viva Video

This video editor is an amazing tool for the video editing. The FX option is amazing in this video editing app. Sadly, there are not any manual controls for the saturation and contrast, but there are presets and luts to improve your video editing. There are some limitations like there would be a watermark and you can only export videos till 5 minutes. These limitations can be removed by paying $15 per year. You can take the monthly plan of $3 per month.

  • Videoshow

Videoshow is popular video editing app for the android users. This has a really cool interface. Even a lot of YouTubers use this to edit the videos. In addition, you get a cropping tools, video’s audio boosting. This also contains some features that can help your voice to sound like a pro. It contains a lot of tools like compressor, amplification, boosts, etc. it acts like a mini audacity. You can even export your video to social media outlets. This is basically not a feature as it is available in most of the video editors.

so this was the list of Top 5 Video editors to replace your Desktop. If you have any queries then feel free to comment down below

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