Top 7 Great Tips to be a Great YouTuber

Top 7 Great Tips to be a Great YouTuber. YouTube content is the king of all the things that make your YouTube videos. There is a lot of process done to shoot and post just 1 video. There is editing, shooting, scripting, and a lot of things like this. Out of all these things if you will not consider the quality of your content, then it is going to destroy even your best idea on YouTube, so it is necessary to think of your content also. You must consider the content idea, but content quality is also a essential part of the YouTube videos. So, today I’ve a list of Top 7 Great Tips to be a Great YouTuber. As a YouTuber, I’ve applied these tips personally to get more views on YouTube. So, here’s the list.

1. Shoot Videos in Flat

I don’t know you knew this thing already or not, but shooting a video in flat really gives you the control over the footage. You can pump into the right amount of colour, contrast, brightness, saturation and a lot more effects in order to get your desired look. You can also play with the high and mid tones and highlights to do the same thing. It is really easy to setup camera to shoot videos in flat. You just need to Google it up. You will get tons of tutorials explaining this thing.

2. Background

This thing is really essential if you want to shoot an unboxing video or any other video like that, then you need a cool background. If your background will be boring, it cannot get so many likes and appreciation and viewer engagement. To spice up your background, you can add some LED stripes or a Salt Lamp or a Xiaomi Yee Lamp or all three as per your preference or budget.

3. Editing

Now, during editing, you can really improve and play with the colours if you have a flat footage. You can play with the mid-tones and highlights again to get the desires look. If you don’t have much knowledge about the colour and looks, you can use something called “Luts”. Luts are basically filters that are pre-made and can be easily used while you are editing. Further, you can add some cinematic bars to make your footage look more professional. You can stabilize if your footage is shaky while editing.

4. Thumbnail

A good thumbnail attracts viewers and this thing is completely true.  Your viewers make your first impression by your thumbnail. You can use Photoshop that I personally use and Picsart if you are YouTubing on phone. You can add white line to your main subject that you want to highlight. It is really easy. Just import your photo to Photoshop and select the Quick Selection Tool and select the object of your choice. Then right click on the object and select layer via copy and go to the stroke option. Change the stroke colour to white and adjust the width. That’s all. For regularity, you can add some sort of logo to your thumbnails which looks appealing.

5. Description

People generally ignore the description part. So, always write a good description which is relevant to your content and must keep it to the point. You can add some emoticons to make it more catchy and engaging. Writing a good description and keeping a good title really helps you in ranking. So, you must keep these things in mind.

6. Subtitles

Remember this thing to always add subtitles. These are really helpful while people watch your videos. Sometimes, this happens that you cannot understand a certain term or word in your video, then they can use the subtitles to watch them. Never forget that some of your viewers are partially or completely deaf. They can still understand your video, if they have subtitles. You can hire any writer from websites like Fiverr or Freelancer to write your subtitles for $5 or $10.

7. Maintain Uniformity

You must some kind of logo or image in each and every video and thumbnail of yours. This really helps getting views and YouTube’s AI also suggests these types of videos in the suggested section. Maintaining Uniformity also helps your viewers to understand easily that you have uploaded your videos without checking the name. So, maintain uniformity and see the magic.

That’s all for Top 7 Great Tips to be a Great YouTuber. If you have any queries, then comment down below and stay tuned for these types of posts and reviews.

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