Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review

A while back Samsung lunched its galaxy note 8 smartphone, which is obviously a flagship device. I’ve been using this device for almost 2 and a half weeks and after using for a pretty good amount of time, I’m presenting this unbiased review to you. In this review, I’m gonna share my experience with you guys about this phone. Later on, I’ll divide the review in pros and cons, so you can get a idea that should you buy this phone or not. But before getting into the review let’s take a look at the specifications. Specifications:- Exynos 8895 (Octa Core Processor 2.3 GHz) 6 GB RAM 6.3” Quad HD AMOLED Screen (Gorilla Glass 5) Mali 671 MP20 GPU 64 GB Internal Storage Dual Sim Nano (Hybrid SD – Card) 2 MP Dual Rear camera f1.7 & f2.4 / 8 MP Front Camera 3300 mAH Battery Fingerprint scanner/ S-Pen/ IP68 Water Proof This device resembles the look of Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. This is having the infinity display by the Samsung which you can see on the Galaxy S8 Plus. The aspect ratio of the device is different than other devices, like normally the aspect ratio in the normal devices are of 16:9, but here you get an aspect ratio of 18:9. So, you may be thinking that the phone would be uncomfortable to hold with a 6.3 inch screen and 18:9 ratio display. But, that’s not the situation here. It is still comfortable to hold as its width is not much. Pros:

  1. Now, starting with first pro of this device, it has the best display as compared to other smartphones in the market till now. One exception may be with the iPhone X. this aspect ratio is very much immersive, especially when you are consuming the multimedia content like watching the YouTube videos, really gives a very immersive display.. Talking about the brightness, the screen can go very very bright. I’ve felt this to be the brightest screen as of now. It can go upto 1200 nits which is insane. For example, the iPhones can go upto 650 nits, so its very bright. Even in the direct Sunlight Peak at 12’o clock, if you use the phone outdoors with auto brightness setting, the screen will be easily visible. Also the auto-brightness calibration has been done very well
  2. The next is the S-Pen. There are a lot of features that Samsung provides you with this S-Pen. You can doodle n the screen with the S-Pen which would further create an animated Gif of the thing that you have written. Also, you can jot down the notes or important tasks that you have to do. Again, this feature was in the note 7.
  3. The nest thing is regarding the camera. Samsung has done an incredible job regarding the camera. Actually, it I the first Samsung smartphone with the dual camera setup. Samsung also claims that it is the first smartphone with Optical Image Stabilization on both the cameras. I tested this camera and I was thoroughly impressed by the camera on this device. It also allows you to blur the background of the image. You can set that according to your needs. But, one thing that I did observed that even if you don’t use the blur effect, then also you get some bokeh effect on the pictures which I feel is a great feature, but some users don’t like this. Also, as a vlogging device, it is a great option for that. As it has the OIS on the front as well as the back camera, so it would not shake while you are walking also. In terms of focusing, it has dual pixel technology, which helps in focusing of objects very fast even when you are shooting the footage in 4K.
  4. Next, we have the battery life. In this term, I would say that it falls in the middle category. It is not that great and it is not bad. It works for me for a whole typical day. I start using this device at 7’o clock in the morning and stop at 11:30 p.m. at night, which is a typical day for me. It handles my usage very well with this 3300 mAH battery. The battery remains around 10% when I leave it at 11:30- at night. So, for me it goes for a whole day. But, if you are a sort of heavy user or you do gaming, then you will have to charge it at the evenings and obviously at the night. I got a screen on-time of around 4-4.5 hours a day.
  5. RAM Management:- As it has 6 GBs of RAM, which is enough to do the RAM management of this device. It can handle around 45-50 applications running at a single time. This 6 GB of RAM is enough to handle the games on their highest settings. The experience was fluid while running this device. Surprisingly, the RAM management has been done very well on this device.


  1. Samsung has done the work of display very well, but the default resolution of the screen Is set to FHD which is 1080p to conserve battery life. This is not a con. But this is partially a con as you have to set the display to QHD manually.
  2. I was disappointed to see that Samsung has provided a 6.3” Quad HD display but they didn’t provided the dual speaker setup that generally most of the smartphones on this price range offers the sound quality is similar to that of galaxy S8. This note 8 has a mono speaker setup which is really disappointing. Even, while watching the movies, I felt that the sound could have been a bit higher. You will get used to it after a couple of days.
  3. Build Quality:- The build quality is another con of this device. The front as well as the back of this device is made up of glass. Even it is the gorilla glass, but you must have to be careful as once the S7 fell down from my hand and got cracked. So, you must be careful with that. Now, as it is a glass material at the back, it traces the fingerprint of yours. So, I would recommend you to put a back cover and not keep the mobile without the cover as it stats looking ugly in just 5-7 minutes of usage.
  4. Weird positioning of fingerprint sensor: – the fingerprint sensor on this device is positioned at a weird position. It is positioned just near to the camera. So, you have to make a grip and drag your hands towards the fingerprint sensor to unlock your is the another con of this device. So, I prefer to use the face unlock system to unlock this device most of the time.
  5. Sound output from 3.5mm jack:- I would say that the output that you get from the 3.5mm headphone jack of this device is okay. It is not great. I have tested a lot of other flagship devices in this price range and they sound a lot better than this. The output is very very flat. You get a lot of equalisation options, but the audio quality is not that great out of the box.
  6. Weight:- talking about the weight of the phone, it is really heavy. When I picked it up for the first time, I felt it to be really heavy. But, you will get used to it after a couple of days. It took me around 2-3 days for that. So, this is a really big con.

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