Why QWERTY is used in most of the devices?

Why QWERTY keyboard is used in most of the devices? If you use the devices like smartphone or desktops, then you may have notices the keyboard format in these devices. All of these devices use the same keyboard format that is the QWERTY keyboard format. We may have high-end PCs, but we still have to remember the keyboard layouts. Have you ever thought that why don’t we use the regular alphabet system A, B, C, D, E…., etc. for our regular use which would be better and easier to use than this format? So, today I’m going to tell you about why QWERTY is used in devices like PCs and mobiles.


If we go back 10-15 years before, then we will find that we were using typewriters for our typing tasks. It was a mechanical device and it used gears and levers for the typing purpose. There was a ink ribbon which used to print the digits and alphabets on the paper. In the beginning we were using the normal alphabet format. But, the problem came when it was observed that there were some common pairs of alphabets in the words that were occurring frequently while typing. It lead in the jamming of that typing ribbon. So, a typing format was adopted that would scatter almost all pairs that were occurring frequently. So, the bottleneck was not the typing speed, the bottleneck was the complications occurring while typing.

Why we are using this keyboard till now?

So, as we used this keyboard in the vintage typewriters, this keyboard was found to be perfect as it was not giving much complications. So, later on this format was also used in the modern keyboards that we use in our smartphones and PCs. Even, the SHIFT key that is used was also a part of the typewriters which was used to physically shift the keyboard in order to change the case of that alphabet. That SHIFT key is used till now.

Is this the best keyboard that can be used in any devices?

A few years ago, a new keyboard layout called DVORAK was introduced which included the 5 vowels in the middle row and 5 commonly used consonants that were D, H, T, N, S. it claimed that this layout will reduce the shifting of the hand all the time while typing. This keyboard didn’t get much popularity as the people are completely fixed on the QWERTY keyboards and it would require to adopt a new format, and no one has the time to learn these sort of things. Let us consider if it is adopted, then we will face problems in outer world. Even it is going to create problems in gaming purposes also as the most commonly used keys i.e. W, A, S, D will scatter around and that is a nightmare for the gamers out there. so, there are better formats but this one is adopted by everyone.

So, this was the History of QWERTY keyboard that how did it get popular and how it is used everywhere. This keyboard may not be that efficient for typing and there may be chances of improving it, but no one has the time to learn a new keyboard layout. So, for the sake of simplicity and for saving time, it is being used since long ago. That was it for this post. If you want more like these then stay tuned. If you have any queries then comment down below. Thanks for visiting this blog.

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