MI Mix 2 Detailed review

In the year 2017, the smartphones are becoming a commodity more than a luxury, and recently Xiaomi launched its MI Mix 2 at a price for Rs. 35999 ($550) is an excellent option for you and here’s what.

But, before starting with the review let’s take a look at the specifications:-

Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Octa Core Chipset clocked @ 2.5 GHz

6 GB RAM/128 GB Storage

Dual Sim support

5.99” display

2160 X 1080 resolution with 18:9 aspect ratio display

12MP Rear Camera | 5MP Front Camera

3400 mAh Li-polymer Battery


Last year when Xiaomi launched its MI Mix 1, there were some essential flaws especially with the design at the part where they were trying to implement some of the new technologies. But, fortunately a lot of these flaws have been fixed in the MI Mix 2 and they have also put an actual earpiece which makes it more consumer friendly phone. The design of its second generation makes it more pleasant. It is easily handaleable even with the 5.99” display. With the run off edges at the back it is easy to handle and hold and it also has a matte finish which makes a sort of grip on your hand. Xiaomi has also fixed a major flaw because they used a ceramic frame and a ceramic back which made the phone brittle earlier. They have fixed it with a metal costing with a ceramic back. Xiaomi has also dropped the 3.5mm jack which I don’t think will work with Xiaomi users like the Apple users.


Xiaomi has checked all the boxes regarding the features, but it lacks behind in the display section. It comes with a 2160 X 1080 resolution which I think is a lacking part of the phone. With a screen size of 5.99”, the display must be above Quad HD. But, here also we get a display od above 1080p, thanks to the 18:9 aspect ratio making the phone more affordable but less desirable specially to people who have heavy usage. You still get a 403 PPI but nowhere around 500 PPI that most of the devices with the same specifications like Samsung Galaxy S8. In 2017, the cost of the technology used is not more with these devices. We can see phones from China with same display quality costing $200. But, the brightness of the display is quite good with the indoors and the outdoors. You get a lot of interesting modes on this device like the reading mode and the colour adjustments. You also get a full P3 colour gamete unlike what you see on the pixel devices.


The positioning of the front facing cameras is awkward. It is positioned at the chin of the phone which makes the photo clocking process weird as it is difficult to click with front camera without tilting the device. After tilting the selfies are amazing with this camera and you get the standard Xiaomi colour filters with this. You are not getting any sort of slash on the front facing camera. The performance of back camera is also amazing with this device. Interestingly, e don’t get any dual camera setup on this device, which is purely a designed decision from the company. It has 12 MP camera on the back which has 4 Axis OIS which allows you to make a stable video footage and click pictures even if you have shaky hands. If you are looking for a phone with awesome photographic capabilities, the MI mix 2 will surely not disappoint you. You can shoot 4K videos and also slow motion on 720p @ 120 fps. This is definitely a good camera if it is not your main priority.


The performance of the MI Mix 2 is really amazing. It has got a FHD+ display which makes the gaming experience and the official tasks more amazing. It don’t lag for a period of time which is really promising from the MI Mix 2. It has got a 6 GB LPDDR4X RAM and a 128 GB UFS2.1 Storage which is quite fast and which allows to take the full advantage of the hardware. With the dongle, you get a really good sound output using the earphones. You get a really high end audio. If you have the HD speakers or the HD earphones then you can turn on the HD profile and listen to a crisp audio. You also get a HD recording feature which means that you can use your device as a n audio recorder also.


The battery of the phone worries me a bit. It has got a 3400 mAH battery, but I’m only getting a screen on-time of around 4-4 and a half hours. We get a Quick Charge 3 out of the box with a 9v – 2A charger and USB C- type port and any Quick charge 3 charger would be able to charge the device. The charging time is fairly good but unfortunately it doesn’t last long. So, you may be finding yourself frequently charging the device. Being an average to heavy user I got a screen on-time of around 4 – 4 and a half hours. You can dim down the brightness to improve the battery. You can also make some tweaks to improve the battery life. This thing vary from person to person.

User Interface:

You get the stable version of MIUI 8.5.1 and it runs on the android 7.1 Nougat. It is claimed by the company that the device will receive an update of Android 8.0 till the month of January, 2018 which should be there as it is a flagship device. The UI is quite responsive and the OS is very much optimized for this MI Mix 2. You get a feature of dual apps which allows you to clone the certain apps you want. The apps sit on screens and you don’t have any app drawer, but you can always install 3rd party launchers to customize the experience and also make it better. Overall the UI is quite amazing.



  • Great Design and Display
  • Awesome performance
  • Great RAM Management and lag free experience
  • QuickCharge support


  • No SD card slot
  • No 3.5mm Jack
  • Wireless Charging support missing.
  • Low battery Life



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