How to increase YouTube CPC

Best Way to Increase YouTube CPC

YouTube CPC is really going down. It can happen due to a lot of reasons. Like once I had a CPC of $0.01 $0.02 and by making videos and through my experience,

I learnt a lot of things and today I’ll tell you guys, how to solve these problems and how to get a good CPC in AdSense. Your YouTube CPC can be very low if your videos are not properly optimised. If you want higher CPC, you are on the right place.

3 Tips to Increase CPC:

  • Target Content for Countries out of India: If you are searching this on Google, then you may be an Indian or any citizen of a country where CPC is very low, SO the best way of getting a high CPC is to target the nations like UK, US, etc. These countries can even pay $3 – $5 per thousand views. You can make gaming videos that is running and going well in foreign countries like USA, Australia, UK, etc. You can make a good earnings by making these types of videos and targeting the foreign countries where CPC is quite high.
  • Make CPC focused videos: It is a great way to increase way, but sometimes it doesn’t work. You should make content that has CPC focused description. In this method you title, tags, description, etc. matters a lot. Actually it is the most important part of this method. So, target the keywords which have high CPC rate and publish those videos!
  • Block the low paying ads: it is a minor trick to increase AdSense CPC. Many times, I’ve personally observed this thing that when you block the low paying ads, Google will simply stop sending the ads of the advertisers whose CPC is low, which results into a pathetic situation. How? It’s because sometimes your ads displaying area will remain vacant if there will be no high CPC ads.

The steps to eliminate the low paying ads is given below: Step 1: Login to your AdSense account Step 2 Go to the main menu. Click allow and block ads and select advertiser URL’s tab. Step 3: Select the YouTube low CPC advertisers there. That’s all. Now the low paying ads will be blocked. But, remember the disadvantages also.

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