How to Compress Video File of 272 MB to 19 MB without Quality Loss

It gets really frustrating when you have to share a video file and its size is in GBs. Also, I you are a YouTuber, then also it consumes data and time to upload a video file on YouTube. Sending video files in emails needs to be compressed well so that they can be comfortably sent to the user. But, if you have ever converted the video files for a mobile phone then you may have seen that it effects the quality a lot. It makes the quality of the footage grainy. Today, I’m here to tell you guys a method by which you can compress a video file of 1 GB to around 200MB and the quality will remain the same. This is a personally tried method and it compresses the video file in the best possible way. So, here’s the way of doing this.

The steps are given below:-

  • For the compression, you need a software called handbrake. You can download it for completely free from the website, and install it on your computer
  • After the installation, open up the software and drag and drop the video that you want to compress. In the output settings, tick the web optimised
  • Click the browse option next to the destination bar. Select the drive where you want to save your video and name the video.
  • Now in the picture settings, leave everything as it is. One thing to note that, if the cropping is not set to 0 then set every value to 0 manually.
  • Next, head towards the video settings. Here, the most important thing is done that is adjusting the quality. According to me the best setting is to keep the quality at 20. It brings a minor change in the video quality which can be neglected, but the compression is really awesome. If you will keep the quality at 40, it will be as it is and there will be no compressed. On the other hand, if you decrease the quality to 0, then it will be ultra-highly compressed, but the quality will be worst. So, you can check which one is perfect for you by following the step no. 6.
  • If you have done everything then better to see the preview before exporting the video as you can adjust the quality according to your needs. It takes really long time to export the compressed video file in case you do not have a high-end PC. So, if you will not preview before exporting it and the final video is not in accordance with your needs, then it feels really bad.
  • Now, the final step is to click on start button to export the video. The time limit of this process completely depends on your PC configuration, the resolution of the video and the compression level.

That’s all. Now you can do a side by side comparison of the videos and also check the sizes of the video. I was able to compress the video of 272 MB to 19 MB.

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