How to get Community Tab on YouTube

How to get Community Tab. A lot of YouTube channels are getting the community tab in YouTube now. I did get a lot of queries about the same that hoe to enable the community tab feature in YouTube. So, I thought to brief you about the community feature of YouTube. Popular YouTubers with numerous amount of subscribers are getting his feature and I have seen that even YouTubers within 200 – 300 subscribers are also getting this feature. But, on the other hand I’ve seen YouTube channels with over 10 million subscribers don’t have this feature like the official channel of WWE. YouTubers like Geekyranjit, Technical Guruji, BB Ki Vines, etc. has got this feature.  So, today I’m going to tell you How to get Community Tab.

Now-a-days, this community tab feature is very common but still some of the YouTube channels are not getting this feature. This is not the fault of YouTube. Now, what’s the reason behind this thing that some YouTubers have got this feature and some have not got this? The reason is that this feature is under BETA tester. I tried to ask YouTube officials about this feature, and they told me that once this BETA test is over, it will be available for all other YouTubers who want his feature to be available on their channel. This test will be over soon and this will be available for everyone. I’m also waiting eagerly waiting for this feature. It has become very common now to get a community tab, but the reason I’m writing this is that this feature is still not available to all the creators. You don’t need to worry.

I’ve got some information from some sources regarding this feature that soon this will be given to all the YouTubers, even to those who have newly created their channels. I hope you understand the situation why YouTube has not given this feature to each and every creator. BETA tests are taken to test the feature that how it will perform in the near future whenever they will make that feature available to everyone. You might have seen this thing in Play Store that some apps are still under BETA version to check whether they will perform well in future or not and also to test the bugs present in that.

That’s the reason why even growing channels with around 20,000 subscribers have got this, but YouTubers with 20M subscribers have still not got this. YouTube is checking the activities by those channels on this community tab in order to make it a perfect feature of YouTube and to make that a feature that will be available to the creators when they start their channels and make it available for everyone who’s on YouTube.

There’s one note for the creator who are getting the community tab.

Note: – This community tab will delete the discussion tab from YouTube. They can delete the comments from the discussion tab within 30 days of getting the community tab.

So, that’s all about How to get Community Tab. I hope you did understand how it will be enabled on YouTube and why it is not available on all the channels on YouTube. If you have any queries, then comment down below. Thanks for your visit.

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