Top 5 Flagship phones picks for 2017

Top 5 Flagship phones picks for 2017. 2018 is now going to arrive and there were a lot of phones launched in 2017. There were some budget phones some flagships and some gaming phones also. Flagships are amazing phones with the amazing specifications. There are a lot of phones available in India. Most of them are good and some are not that good. so, today I’ve prepared a list of top 5 smartphones that fall under the flagship category and are really awesome. In this list, I’m going to talk about those phones only that are available in India. I’m not going to talk about the Razer and more phones like that which are not available in India. So, here’s the list of Top 5 Flagship phones picks for 2017.

1. OnePlus 5T

This is an absolute flagship killer. It is the upgraded model of the OnePlus 5 which was launched in the middle of the year of 2017. Then, OnePlus 5T was launched. This phone gave amazing features that even the companies like Samsung could not give in their phones. It gave upto 8GB RAM which was amazing. Rest f the things were also amazing. But, the flaw was in the camera of this device. The camera was fine and the picture and video quality was also good, but it was not as good as the Samsung or Apple. But, still the camera was decent.

Cost: Rs.  37,999.00

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2. Samsung Note 8

This is one of the best phones, basically one of the best flagships device and before that Galaxy S8 and S8= were launched and they were also good. This phone has one of the best screens that I’ve ever seen on any phone. It is really amazing. Cameras and speakers were of decent quality. But, the flaws were that the fingerprint sensor was placed in an awkward position. It feels tough to reach and unlock your phone by placing finger on the sensor.

Cost: Rs. 67,900

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3. LG V30+

I don’t know why LG did this that the V30+ was launched in the month of December. The features of this phone was top-notch as compared to the price. The camera, the display and the UI, everything is amazing. It also supports the Hi-Fi DAC and after that the speaker performance will be much better. The only drawback is that it is launched very late. LG could have won the game regarding the flagship series if it would have launched its phone earlier. Rest is amazing.

Cost: Rs. 44,990

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4. Apple iPhone X

It is not possible to complete a flagship series list without an Apple device. The iPhone X is the top notch device that is launched by Apple recently. The phone got popularity because it had a lot of features that a normal flagship didn’t have. Its display is very good and the Face ID is very accurate. But, also after being the top notch device of Apple, it has some flaws. It has just the Face ID as the biometric security, and not even a fingerprint sensor. The front camera is not good on this device and there is no dual SIM support. It don’t even have a fast charger out of the box and therefor, the cost you are paying is too high.

Cost: Rs. 1,02,000

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5. Google Pixel 2 XL

This phone is amazing. It’s a good phone to use for your daily usage. There was a problem earlier which was regarding the dull colour of the screen, but it is improved now and fixed totally. This phone is a power-packed phone. The speakers on this device are amazing. The battery life is adequate. The cameras are totally amazing and almost the best. The fingerprint sensor is accurate. But still, this is not perfect. There are some flaws also. The Pixel XL2, like the iPhone X, has a single SIM support, which is not good for Indian economy. Also, the launch price of this phone was much higher than what it is today. So, this is a bad thing for the users who bought it earlier. This screen also has some issues like when you tilt the device, it turns dark. So, these were the flaws.

Cost:  Rs. 74,990.00

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So, that was the list of Top 5 Flagship phones picks for 2017. These were my picks of smartphones of 2017 that were the best smartphones. If you want more lists like this then comment down below and if you have any queries, then also do the same. If want more like this then stay tuned. Thanks for visiting.


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