Top 5 Reasons to buy Sony A6500 over Canon 80D

Top 5 Reasons to buy Sony A6500 over Canon 80D. I am a Video Geek. I like to shoot videos, edit them and sometimes post it on YouTube and I also like to click pictures. A year back I bought Canon 80D and it is a quite good camera to shoot videos and click pictures. I sometimes vlog also and for that also 80D is a good camera, but it is very heavy. Overall, 80D is a good camera, but I needed something better. So, I bought the Sony A6500 and today I’m going to tell you why I bought Sony A6500 over Canon 80D, though it is a very good camera. So, here are Top 5 Reasons to buy Sony A6500 over Canon 80D.

Slow Motion

Sony A6500 provides you a good slow-motion effect feature. You can shoot videos upto 120FPS in this camera which is simply not possible using the Canon 80D as it provides the video shooting capability upto 60FPS only and the best part is that you don’t need to do the post production for the slow-motion. You just need to adjust the camera settings to shoot slow-motion videos and it will give you the instant result. If you will use this feature wisely, then it is really gonna perform very well. This feature is simply not available in Canon, however, you can do a bit of slow-motion by doing post production, but remember, “Only a bit”.

4K Video Shooting

This feature is becoming standard in DSLRs and cameras but still Canon has not provided this feature yet in its cameras in the same price range, like Canon 80D. You can shoot videos upto 1080P only in 80D. But, with Sony A6500, you can shoot videos upto 4K resolution. 4K resolution can give better video quality as compared to 1080P. You can do a lot of things during post-production like Fake Zoom, Pan Effect or you can derive a crisp video quality using this feature.

Light Weight, Easy to Carry

Canon 80D is quite heavy if you take it to places where you have to hold it continuously. For people who like vlogging, they may be using the Canon 80D as it is the best vlogging power-packed camera available in the market. But, the total setup of vlogging including the gorillapod is quite heavy and Sony A6500 can help you at that condition. It is light weight as well as compact at the same time. So, you can also use this for vlogging purpose also.

Low Light Performance

Now, this is a major advantage of Sony A6500. I’ve tried a lot times to shoot videos with the Canon 80D at low light condition, but the footage turn out to be grainy. It doesn’t perform well in the low light conditions. I tried shooting with the low aperture 18-135mm lens, but it also didn’t work out. So, I tries the Sony A6500 and it is very good in low light conditions. It can give you really good footage.

S-Log Colour Grading

This feature made me crazy to buy this camera which is the S-Log Colour Grading feature on this camera which allow this camera to take photos and videos with a premade filter like thing and using that feature, I can give my photos a filter without using any sort of editor on any device. This feature is good if you want to edit the photos on the go using this camera only. So, this was one more feature to buy the Sony A6500.

Now, there are some more things that you will miss in this camera that you can use in Canon 80D. There are some better features available on Canon 80D that I personally like in that camera. So, here are the things that I like about Canon 80D over this camera.

Bigger Battery

The battery of Canon 80D was 1865 mAH but Sony just have a battery of 1080 mAH. This difference does not look quite large, but when you shoot videos continuously or take a lot of photos, then you will feel that the difference is quite big. You need to carry at least 2-3 batteries in order to get rid of this problem. But, with Canon you can shoot videos and take photos continuously as it had enough battery to handle that.

Bright LCD

Sony A6500 don’t have a very bright LCD like Canon, so you will not be able to view the display properly in sunlight. For, looking at the display, you need to take the help of shade, otherwise it may not be visible. But, Canon had a display enough to view the display even at the direct sunlight.

Colour Reproduction

The colour reproduction or the colour science of the Canon’s cameras ar far better than the Sony. It captures the natural skin tone while photo clicking and also while video shooting. For now, I’m using the colour grading of Sony A6500, but the Canon’s colour reproduction is always better than that of Sony’s. Sony A6500 gives a yellowish tone in the shot, but Canon gives the natural skin tone in the shot.

so, these were Top 5 Reasons to buy Sony A6500 over Canon 80D and Some Reasons to buy Canon 80D over Sony A6500. That was it for this article. if you have any queries, then comment down below and if you want these types of comparisons and reviews, then stay tuned ith this blog.

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