Asus ZenBook 3 Review

Asus ZenBook 3 is a very compact, lightweight and powerful laptop. This laptop is basically a laptop that can be used to carry it around and is a perfect laptop if you want to do your tasks and stuff on the go with a power packed machine. I call this laptop as the 12 inch MacBook with windows installed in it as it resembles the 12 inch MacBook in its design and agronomics. This laptop is really portable and if you want to buy a machine that you can carry around then it is the best laptop to buy. This laptop is better than the 12 inch MacBook in terms of specifications. But, in terms of build and software stability, Apple has a Thumbs up. The specifications of this laptop is as follows:-

Intel Core i5/i7 7th Generation processor

8GB/16GB RAM LPDDR3 RAM @ 2133 MHz

Colours: Rose Gold, Royal Blue, Quartz Grey

Intel 620 Integrated HD Graphics


40 Watt Hour Battery

Dimensions: 29.6cm x 19.1cm x 1.2cm

Screen Resolution: 1920 x 1080

Weight: 910 grams

Cost: $1100 (base model)



It has a full aluminium build with a brushed radial pattern of paint on top. There are 3 colours but some of the users may want other colour options like Black or some other colours like that. I personally like the blue variant. The bottom panel comes off easily but the only thing that you can upgrade there is the SSD drive. The battery down there is a 40 Watt Hour battery. Asus Claims upto 9 hours of battery life but I was getting just 6 hours of battery life with screen on-time on 215 nits. However, this laptop supports fast charging, so you can juice it up to 60% in 50 minutes. ZenBook 3 has a pretty good built quality and the screen feels rock solid. It is one hand openable and the hinge and chassis feels great. I think that Asus nailed the build, it is very limited in terms of ports. It has a 3.5mm jack on one side and a USB 3.1 Type C on the other side. There is no thunderbolt 3 support, but Asus includes and adapter to avail all other ports.


The display is a 12.5 inch 1080p IPS Panel protected with Gorilla Glass 4. It is glossy but it is not a touch screen. The colour accuracy and contrast is pretty good in this one and it provides a brightness of 270 nits. I think that could be a bit brighter. It is a lower resolution display as compared to a MacBook 12 inch, but at regular viewing distances you cannot tell the difference much. The webcam on this one is terrible. It is just bad as a potato as it provides a resolution of 640 x 480 and is a VGA camera.

Keyboard and Trackpad

The keyboard on this one is pretty good. It has a key travel of 0.8 and it is backlight. It is not that tactile but for most part I consider to be a decent keyboard. It is spacious and feels good. Most of the people will get used to it in few days, the spacebar is a bit spongier than other keys. The trackpad has a glassy surface and it feels good. However the buttons don’t feel that good. The travel is less and that’s why they are not that good. There is a fingerprint sensor on that trackpad and you can quickly unlock the keyboard by putting your finger on that.


There are 4 speakers on this laptop. 2 are on the top and 2 are on the bottom. The sound feels better than expected. There is Harman Kardon branding on that and they sound good. I think the 12 inch MacBook to be the king of the speakers and it sound really great. In comparison to that laptop, it is not that great. It is not that clean and crisp as compared to that laptop. But still the speakers are great on this laptop.


The ZenBook 3 that I’m reviewing is running an Intel Core i7 Kabylake processor. This is simply better than the Skylake as it has some advantages over Skylake. The advantages are:

  1. It is more energy efficient.
  2. It has got hardware of certain video codex of encoding and decoding.
  3. It has got a slightly faster clock speed.

In terms of lightweight gaming, the HD 620 will let you play some of them. You can play CS:GO and Overwatch at low settings at 160 FPS and 45 FPS respectively. The fan noises a lot. Even if you are doing light tasks then also it turns on pretty often. But, under load the fan noise is relatively quiet for a Core i7 processor. As it has just one fan, so the temperature inside is pretty hot. A normal user will not notice these things. Due to high temperature there is significant CPU throttling. Now, it is difficult to cool down an i5 or i7 in this thin laptop. So, you have to throttle down the CPU.


For $1599, you are getting a pretty good machine.

  1. The build quality is amazing at this price. This is the best made ASUS device I’ve used till today.
  2. The 1080p display is not touch-screen, but is colour accurate.
  3. The keyboard is amazing and the trackpad has great tracking. There is a fingerprint sensor on it.
  4. The processor, RAM and the graphics card is good but there is noticeable throttling when you push it hard. The SSD is upgradable. The battery is 40 Watt Hour and provides 6 hours of battery.


If you are a university student or who wants to do productivity work then it is good. It is not a GPU based laptop. If you want to do heavy gaming or heavy video editing, it isn’t the machine for you. But, if you want to do productivity tasks, then it is a beast. This is a slim and handy laptop that can be used to carry around.

That’s it for Asus ZenBook 3 Review. If you want more like this then stay tuned. If you have any queries then feel free to comment down below. Thanks for your visit.

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