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Apple iPhone X review. A few days back Apple launched its iPhone X and it is considered the best Apple device that is launched by Apple. This phone is the first device that is completely bezel-less except a notch that is present on the top which has front camera, proximity sensor and many others. This one has a lot of new features that are really cool. Prior to that Apple iPhone 8 was launched, but it was not a great success and it didn’t get that much popularity, but this iPhone X was the most awaited Apple device as this one really special. So, today I’m presenting you the review of this device and the things that I liked and disliked about this device. So let’s begin with the review of the Apple iPhone X review.

Before getting into the review, let’s take a look at the specifications offered by this device:-

AppleA11 Bionic Chip (6 Core Processor)

5.8” OLED Screen 19.5:9 Aspect Ratio (458 PPI)

64/256 GB Internal Storage

Face ID

Single Sim Nano

Dual 12 MP Rear Camera (f1.8 & f2.4 for 2x Telephoto) with OIS

Front Camera 7 MP (f2.2)

2716 mAH Battery

iOS 11/IP67 (Water Resistant)

User Interface

If you have used the earlier models of the iPhone, then you might have noticed that they all are almost same and boring. Even in the iPhone 8 and 8+, this is the same case. They all are almost similar. But with this latest model of iPhone, this is not the case. It has got the latest iPhone OS and the UI is amazing. This one has no physical buttons except the volume rockers and the power button, so everything is done by using gestures. A lot of people will say that it will b difficult, but trust me that you will get used to it after 3-4 days of usage.


This phone comes with a 5.8” OLED screen. The iPhone X is the first Apple device having the OLED screen. Although, it is designed by Samsung, but this one is crisp and clear. The colour reproduction on this device is quite good and it is close to reality. The brightness is quite good in this one. The iPhone X was performing very well in the outdoor conditions that is in the direct sunlight. The viewing angles are quite good. The screen covers the whole body of the device except the top notch.


The iPhone X is a well-build device. It looks very modern. This has got some heft towards it. Even after using it for 7 days, I can still feel that it is heavy. But, this phone has glass on its back side also glass. It makes the phone more prone to scratches and cracks. I have the silver colour variant of this iPhone X and in that there is a stainless steel rim on sides and it is also prone to scratches. So, I would recommend you to invest in a good mobile phone case for iPhone X because the replacements on this device is pretty expensive. Actually, the screen replacements are not that expensive, but the back glass replacements are very expensive. The camera also has a bit of hump, so when you will keep it on the table, it wobbles a bit. This wobble goes away after using the mobile case. So, investing in a good quality case for this phone is not a bad option. Like the iPhone 7, 7+, 8 and 8+, this one also don’t have a 3.5mm jack


This is one of those points due to which the phone is popular. The face recognition security. The phone has a face recognition security feature which is done using IR blasters. These IR blasters recognize the face using 30,000 facial points. This is how it is done on this phone. But, except this there is no fingerprint or any other security. So, I didn’t like the fact that there is no other security except the Face Recognition, PIN, Password and Pattern. There is a lot of space present on the back, so at least there should be a fingerprint sensor out there. But, talking about the face recognition, it is very accurate and works 98% of the time. It works even in very low light condition. In pitch dark condition also, it works perfectly fine.


I’ve been using this phone for last 7 days as my primary device and the speakers performed pretty well. I usually use a Bluetooth speaker in order to listen to music, but with this device, I didn’t carry my Bluetooth speakers. I was listening to the music using this phone only. The iPhone has a stereo speaker setup. The ear piece also acts as a speaker while listening to music or attending the calls at speaker. The call quality is good on this device. I took a lot of calls in recent days and a lot of them were attended on speaker, but there was no complain from opposite side. They didn’t even recognize that the call was taken on speaker. That good is the quality of speaker and microphone on this device is.


The phone has a 2716 mAH battery and the phone supports fast-charging. But, surprisingly the stock charger provided with this device is not a fast charger. This is really disappointing. The charger that comes with this phone is really bad and it takes around 3 hours to fully charge the device. The charger is a typical 5W charger. The battery can last for around a day on normal to heavy usage. I would say that the battery lasts more than iPhone 7 but less than the iPhone 8+. The battery remains almost 15% at the end of the day, but with iPhone 8+, the battery remaining was almost 35%. So, Apple could have improved the battery. You can also try charging the device using the charger of the


The device performs well in overall performance. The gaming performance is pretty good. There were no frame drops while playing heavy games on ultra-settings. This is a good thing in this phone. Talking about the RAM management, it is too funny and bad. The RAM management on the iPhone 8 is better than this phone. It is not that bad that it would reload each and every app, but I observed that after opening 5-6 apps, it starts reloading them. There is a notch on the top of the screen and I thought that it would affect the experience, but it was not. There are a lot of sensors over there so it is important and frankly it would not be a distraction while using your device. But, this disables a lot of functionalities like you would not be able to see the Do Not Disturb icon and also the battery indicator on the top bar. For that you will have to use the Control Center. But, this retains the 3D touch function and I use it a lot while typing.


The camera on this phone is also a highlight. The iPhone X has Dual 12 MP Rear Camera (f1.8 & f2.4 for 2x Telephoto) with OIS and Front Camera of 7 MP (f2.2). In iPhone 8+ the aperture of the back camera was f2.8. It is also a good thing that there is a telephoto lens that helps in taking zoomed shots with almost no quality loss. The photos taken by the iPhone X by its back camera is great. Almost, it gives the quality of Galaxy Note 8 and slightly better than the iPhone 8+. The recording is also good. But, the 4K footage is not that stabilized. Talking about the front facing camera, it’s not as good as the back camera. The photos taken by the Google Pixel 2 XL is better than iPhone X. The photo is still good but not as good as the photos taken by the phones at similar price range. In terms of video quality, the image stabilization is almost nothing. That is also really disappointing. Much cheaper android phones provide EIS like crazy.


  1. Fully Bezel-less display
  2. Great speakers
  3. Great face recognition
  4. Great screen quality


  1. No special security other than Face ID
  2. No fast charger included in the box
  3. Bad RAM Management


This is a good phone if you don’t consider the cons of this device and it is an expensive phone.

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