Top 5 Technology Myths Busted! #1

Top 5 Technology Myths Busted! There are a lot of things and terms that we are hearing in technology now-a-days, but all of them are not true. Some are true, but some of them are false also. Many of us are not aware of them and follow them. We remain afraid that these myths will affect our gadgets. We mustn’t follow all the things blindly and hence I’m presenting you a list of these myths that are being followed by us blindly. I will make a complete series of this myths and I’ll make you aware of this myths. So, here’s the list of Top 5 Technology Myths Busted!

Top 5 Technology Myths Busted!

1. Google and Facebook are Free

We have a huge myth of this thing i.e. we think that Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Instagram, etc. are free. But, this thing is not completely free. These websites and services track your data in order to view the same type of advertisement that you view. Hence, you will click on those advertisements as those advertisements are similar to your searches that you make while surfing. I home many of you may have noticed that.

2. Better Card for Better Camera Performance

This is one of the biggest myths of this list that a Class 10 memory card can enhance your camera performance by increasing the photo transferring speed of camera. But, it is not necessary. Even a Class 4 memory card can do the same job for you that a Class 10 memory card does. Class 10 memory cards are meant for high speed data transferring. If you have to transfer all of your data from your card to PC then it is perfect to use. But, if your main purpose is to click photos and make FHD videos then it is not going to utilize the memory card completely.

3. Typing URL = Phishing

This is a ridiculous myth. People think that if you directly type the name of a particular website like or something similar where you have to enter your login details, then typing the URL of that website directly in your browser will lead you to phishing attacks. You cannot save yourself by just not typing the URL. Here’s a case, e.g. if you are typing the URL of a particular website and you are being redirected to another website. You enter your details there and your details are forwarded to the owner of that website, then this will lead to hacking of your ID which is done through tab-napping done on your browser. So, you need to be aware of the sites that you are visiting in order to be safe from these hacking attacks.

4. Bigger File = Bigger Quality

This myth is followed by a number of people. It is considered that if you are downloading a movie and if you have two options to download- one of 1 GB and another of @ GB, then most of you would consider downloading the 2 GB file as it is considered that bigger file means better quality. This is totally wrong. It may happen in some cases that it is the condition, but it is not all the time. There are some optimisations made by a lot of softwares available to make these optimisations in order to make of the size of the file smaller without decreasing the quality.

5. Rechargeable Cells Save Money

Last but not the least, rechargeable cells save money. It is a myth that rechargeable cells would save our money in the long term. First of all, these rechargeable cells and its charger is not inexpensive like the regular cells. Trying out this method will work under special conditions. If you have to use AA or AAA batteries just for TV remotes, AC remotes or in the wall clocks, then rechargeable cells will not save your battery as these are expensive and if you will lose then then it is gonna cost you a lot. In that condition you can buy regular cells from a good manufacturer. These rechargeable AAA or AA cells will work if you have a device that uses the battery every day, otherwise, it is not helpful.

So, that was the list of Top 5 Technology Myths Busted! #1. I will make a complete series of this topic and this was part 1. Thanks for your visit!

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